6 animals in danger

1.  Leopards are a critically endangered species. Their numbers are in decline through  people are cutting down lodes of trees and building houses and farms and not caring about these beautiful creatures.

2. Gorillas are endangered because mean people are trying to hunt this poor Innocent animal.

3. Leather back sea turtles are endangered  they are eating plastic because it looks like jellyfish. Human beings are stealing their eggs. Climate change has a big affect on their breading season.

4. The main reason Orangutans are endangered is that people are cutting down trees to make palm oil. And palm oil is in basically in everything

5. Sumatran elephants are endangered because of human – elephant conflict and habitat loss.

6. Saola (a type of antelope) are endangered because people are hunting the harmless creatures to make bush meat and medicine.

We really need to do something about this or in 10 or 11 years these beautiful harmless creatures might not exist.

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